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Dear Reader,

The United Kingdom was scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29 in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. We’re all aware that this did not happen. Considering the fact, that any information provided here could easily be obsolete by the time this newsletter is released, we have decided to refrain from addressing the issue of Brexit here. However, we strongly recommend that our German readers have a look at HTAI’s Brexit Newsletter, which contains regular updates on current developments and documentary reports from Hessen and is available at

But Brexit makes it appearance in a different context: It ranks among the top reasons cited by the staggeringly high 193 companies electing to establish or expand their operations in Hessen in 2018. This figure has continued to rise steadily since the foundation of HTAI in 2012. The large number of companies establishing operations in Hessen combined with the thorough consulting provided serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of Hessen’s economic development agency network. The newsletter also includes a report featuring a selection of prime examples of companies that have established operations in Hessen over the past few months.

This newsletter also provides insight into one of Hessen’s strongest export resistant industries: Tourism constitutes an important industry in Hessen that has recorded steady upward growth in recent years.

The newsletter’s special feature guest article covers the Frankfurt Main Finance financial center initiative aimed at loosening the job security protections afforded to highly paid bankers.

I hope you enjoy the insightful reading.


Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt

Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt, CEO
Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH
Facts & Figures
Foreign Investment in Hessen on the rise

Hessen has yet again asserted itself as a prime foreign investment destination in the face of worldwide competition. The past year saw 193 foreign companies either gain a foothold for the first time or expand their current operations in Hessen, 20 more than in 2017.
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Need of Vacation?

In addition to being a prime location for investment, Hessen has plenty to offer in the way of recreational and leisure activities. Hessen has a substantial tourism industry that benefits many other economic sectors such as hospitality, retail, services, and crafts.
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Did you know...

...that 261,769 soon-to-be professional specialists are currently enrolled in the 2018/2019 winter semester at Hessen’s universities and other institutions of higher learning?

New Arrivals in Hessen: Finoba, MGW Service, and the Otto Group

Hessen offers a plethora of opportunities to companies operating in the state. The automotive supplier Finoba or the internationally active retailing Otto Group, for example, are well aware of these perks.
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Loosening of the Job Security Protections Afforded to Highly Paid Bankers

A guest contribution by Hubertus Väth, Managing director of the Frankfurt Main Finance Association: Why Frankurt has another point in its favor in the competition for the establishment of new financial institutes moving from London. 
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What's new?
Hessians with the Quickest Access to Buses and Trains

Hessen’s Minister of Transportation Tarek Al‑Wazir views the state’s excellent standing in the Pro‑Rail Alliance rankings (German) as further confirmation of Hessen’s robust mobility policy.
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